Picklebird? What is a picklebird?


Things I miss about San Francisco:

- Craigslist (yes, there is craigslist cleveland, but no one uses it!)
- when you order eggs and toast, your toast doesn't arrive drenched in butter
- The used bookstores
- Cheap, good Mexican food
- Real farmer's markets
- spicy scallop rolls at Godzila
- the big sweeping turn the 33 bus makes onto Market from Clayton
- 18th Street
- Crossroads Clothing Co.
- The view of the city as you are round the turn to the Golden Gate Bridge from Marin
- Cafes with names that don't start with S and rhyme with "sucks"

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I know that I have commented on this before, but this one really takes the cake. The ads on my blog today featured "Acre on the moon $29.99" and "Horney Goat Weed Sale." How did I get slotted into the 'flaky girl' category?

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