Picklebird? What is a picklebird?


Highlight of my mother's visit to Cleveland: Pointing out the fireflies, which she had never seen in her whole life.

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Tonight I was out having a glass of wine with a friend. We were bemoaning our time in Cleveland, when all of a sudden a guy on a bicycle rides by. He's sort of acting as a sort of town crier, shouting about the greatness of Cleveland (and trying to make a sale): "In New York, in New York you get robbed. But not here; everyone's nice. And we've got the best weed. Better than Brooklyn." It's no wonder I haven't gotten on the Cleveland-program, I haven't been smoking its pot.

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I realize that I have lost whatever readership I may have had, but maybe somebody will randomly check picklebird just one more time and get this little surprise. . .

My new favorite decorating tip: a glass bowl of nectarines on the dining room table. It smells good and is pretty too. Even better, I bought a bunch of nectarines that were reduced in price to $2.24, I think because they were mealy (I tried one). But, that's okay because I bought them for decorative purposes only.

I also learned, as a result of my mom's recent visit, that I like my apartment so much better when it's actually clean. Why didn't anyone tell me this trick before?

And, my Martha Stewartness doesn't stop there. I am slowly beginning to make a name for my skills here in Cleveland.

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